Become a SEAQUAL Licensee

As a SEAQUAL Licensee you are a member of a unique global collaborative community fighting plastic pollution. Your company profile is displayed along with that of all other members of the community at Your company is also licensed to buy, sell and promote SEAQUAL-Certified goods containing Upcycled Marine Plastic (including SEAQUAL® YARN) and to use the SEAQUAL trademarks, logos and other copyright materials.


  • Goods containing Upcycled Marine Plastic (including SEAQUAL® YARN) are available exclusively to SEAQUAL Licensees.
  • All companies in the supply chain must be SEAQUAL Licensees (yarn manufacturers, fabric mills, product manufacturers, brands and retailers).
  • It is not permitted to sell goods containing Upcycled Marine Plastic to any company that is not a SEAQUAL Licensee.

Who can apply?

Any tax-registered company that wishes to join SEAQUAL INITIATIVE in supporting ocean clean-ups and raising awareness of the issue of marine litter.

How much does the SEAQUAL License cost?

We let you decide the amount you want to pay for your SEAQUAL License. You can choose from 0€, 250€, 500€, 750€ or 1000€.

Apply now for your SEAQUAL License

Please click on the button below which corresponds to your company and then complete the application form (this should take approximately 5 minutes).

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